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The Certified Data Center Design Professional brings together the essential components of proficiency to independently certify that an individual is a highly skilled and knowledgeable industry professional. The qualification validates the individual's ability and knowledge in standards, compliance and the application of global best practices in the design, creation and management of preeminent data centers.

This BTEC qualification from Edexcel combines Certified Data Center Design, Data Center Power, Data Center Cooling, Data Center Efficiency and Data Center Management as the only complete Data Center qualification available worldwide. The program is intended to furnish data center professionals with depth and breadth of learning and to provide independently verified proof of competency. The unit based structure of the overall qualification allows flexibility to take each unit at your convenience over a period of time and to acquire an additional core qualification in Certified Data Center Design.

What will you get out of it?

Delegates will come away with a comprehensive insight into the essential elements of data center design and how to address them in a variety of situations and applications.

Course Structure

The CDCDP course is classroom based with numerous case study exercises and led by one of CNet TrainingíŽs expert instructors.

It is divided into the following two units that can be taken independently in the following sequence:

Core Unit (Enrollment Fee: HK$17,500)

This 3 day course covers the essential elements of data center design including the importance of design project management, scoping the requirement, design strategy, raised access floors, cabinets, power, cooling, earthing and bonding, copper and fibre optic cabling, and cable management.

After completing the Core Unit delegates are awarded a CPD completion certificate granted by CNet Training.

Advanced Professional Unit
(Enrollment Fee: HK25,190)

This 4 day course comprises a comprehensive analysis of the four vital elements of data center design, power, cooling, efficiency and management. After passing the Advanced Professional Unit's online exams, delegates are awarded the CDCDP's designation.

Passing the Exams

As well as achieving the prestigious CDCDP's certification delegates will also receive the Level 5 BTEC Advanced Professional Award in Data Center Design.

3 Year Re-certification of the CDCDP

This cannot commence until after a 24month period has passed holding the CDCDP credential. You then have a 12month period in which to re-certify. However you can book the re-certification at anytime after a 24 month period has passed of holding the CDCDP credential.

Contact the CNet Training re-certification team for more information on how to book your re-certification. Please email or call 01284 767100.

CDCDP - Accreditations

Core Unit

A 3-day Core Unit covering the essential elements associated with Data Center Design.

Core Unit breakdown:

- What is a Data Center
- The Importance of Design Project Management
- Scoping the Requirement
- Raised Access Floors
- Cabinets
- Power
- Cooling
- Earthing & Bonding
- Cable Containment, Management & Protection
Delivering the IT Strategy
- Copper Cabling
- Optical Fibre Connectivity

Download Detailed Syllabus

On successful pass the CDCDP Core Unit's Online Exam, you will gain:

  • Units towards a Level 5 BTEC Advanced Professional Award in Data Center Design
  • Certified Data Center Design (CDCD) certification
  • CNet Completion Certificate
RCDD íV 18
TECH íV 18
RITP íV 18
ITS2 íV 18
NTS íV 18  

Advanced Professional Unit

A 4-day Advanced Professional Unit covering the vital elements of Data Center Design.

You must have passed the Core Unit's Exam within the 36 month period prior to attending

Professional Unit breakdown:

Data Center Power
- Power
- Review Regulation
- Power Basics
- Power to the Data Center
- Distribution in the Data Center
- Standby Power
- Design Guidelines

Data Center Cooling
- Cooling Review
- Regulatory Climate
- Environmental Parameters
- Collecting the Heat
- Heat Rejection or Reuse

Data Center Efficiency
- Energy Use
- Metrics
- How Energy Efficient Are Data Centers
- Best Practices
- Working Together
- IT Infrastructure & Software
- Power Systems
- Cooling Options

Data Center Design Project Management
- Overview of Project & Programme
- Managing the Design Process
- Managing the Design Implementation Process

Download Detailed Syllabus

On successful passing the CDCDP Professional Unit's Online Exam, you will gain:

  • Certified Data Center Design Professional (CDCDP) certification
  • Level 5 BTEC Advanced Professional Award in Data Center Design
  • CNet Completion Certificate
RCDD íV 24
TECH íV 24
RITP íV 24
ITS2 íV 24
NTS íV 24  


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